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We are having a good relationship with Fresh / Frozen / Dried Fruits Manufactures in Thailand. We could assist on placing the orders and having them delivery to our customer’s both domestic and international addresses;


We are in a business connection with the Bird’s Nest Builders in Southern of Thailand, where is well-known for Premium Bird’s Nest Products. Here are the available products for exportation;-

  1. Bird’s Nest Beverage with Collagen Sugar Free
  2. Bird’s Nest Beverage with Rock Sugar
  3. Bird’s Nest Beverage with Sugar
  4. Dried Bird’s Nest


Napier Grass is one of the important perennial tropical forage crop belong to family Poaceae. Napier Grass has been research finding the active substance of the product and experiment to eliminate the musty smell in the shoes, the smell of poop-pet urine, cigarette smell, food smell, musty smell in the car, bathroom, kitchen and wardrobe. Here are our products;-

  1. Air Fresh
  2. Bed-Bound Patient and Kid Spray
  3. Mask Spray


We offer OEM pet food service depends on our client’s requirements. Dry Dog Food Protein is able from 18% up to 29% (or more) and Protein for dry cat food is able from 22% up to 38% (or more). Our customer can also choose vary shapes and size as well.